2016 Fall DTASC Theatre Festival

On Saturday, October 22nd, Culver City High School’s AVPA Blurred Vision Theatre Company participated in the DTASC Fall Festival held at James Monroe High School in North Hills, California. DTASC stands for Drama Teachers Association of Southern California. DTASC is committed to supporting and rewarding theater education.


The DTASC festival features scenes directed and choreographed by students, who rehearse during lunch and on their own time. Students from over 100 high schools all over Southern California came to show off their talent and compete for trophies, plaques, and bragging rights. DTASC even provides scholarship opportunities.


There were ten categories that schools could compete in. The scenes are judged by a panel of actors and teachers. Four out of six of our CCHS teams: the Monologue, Women Playwrights, Drama, and the Musical, advanced to the semi-finals. The Musical scene even made it all the way to the finals and earned an honorable mention plaque. It’s interesting to see what other schools are doing and we all learn a lot from each other. It’s also a great way for us to develop our skills in a creative and competitive environment. It’s a pleasure and a privilege for us to be able to participate in this festival.


AVPA Theatre’s DTASC 2016 team.


Congratulations to directors Carly Shiever, Sarah Toutounchian and Isa Berliner; and the entire cast, including Xaul Starr, James Tingle, Daryl McCrary, Caleb Davis, Andrew Alvarenga, Izzy Parra, Frances Horwitz.

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