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A NEW and REVISED Parent/Student Handbook has been created. The Signature Page is required from all current students in AVPA. Please download, read, print, and sign the Signature Page. Return to your primary department’s Creative Director.


You can begin your application process by following the steps below.


How To Apply to AVPA

The Academy of Visual & Performing Arts at Culver City High School accepts applications for new students each semester. New and returning students must apply and audition/interview each year. Auditions and interviews are schedule by each department’s Creative Director. Please review the following steps to submit your application to AVPA.

Culver City High School AVPA is open to CCUSD-enrolled students.

Download the AVPA Application Process 2018-2019 packet by clicking here!

If you’re NEW to AVPA . . .

    1. Fill out the online Registration & Volunteer Form For New Applicants
    2. Complete the Essay and Recommendation forms included in the Application Packet (above) and submit to AVPA by mail or in person. You may also use the online forms (below) for the Essay and Recommendation. Please send the Recommendation Form to the person you’ve asked to submit this for you, or send them a link to the online version.
    3. Essay – use the online version! (required for Art, optional for Dance, Film, Music, Theatre)
    4. Recommendation – send this online link to the person you’ve asked to recommend you!
    5. Transcript or report card from most recent academic year (copy of original is acceptable)
    6. Download the Parent/Student Handbook – sign and return the signature page.
  1. Review Audition Requirements [included in the Application Packet above] and schedule an interview/audition with the Creative Director of the department you wish to major in (your primary department).
  2. For those interested in auditioning because of CCUSD permit applications, please contact the Creative Director of the department you are  applying to in order to schedule an individual audition appointment.

If you’re RETURNING to AVPA . . .

  1. Fill out the online Returning Student Registration Form
  2. Review Audition Requirements [included in the Application Packet] and schedule an interview/audition with the Creative Director of your primary department.
  3. Download the Parent/Student Handbook, if not done so already (the May 2017 revised version). Sign and return the signature page.

What’s required once you’ve been accepted . . .

  1. If new, register for the AVPA Bulletin Board (parents/guardians and students only)
  2. Complete forms (if applicable) for West Los Angeles College courses
  3. Enroll in 7th period for Art, Film, Music, or Theatre (will be done by your Creative Director)

What else you need to do . . .

  1. Donations to the AVPA Foundation (donate online or use the downloadable form):
    • Suggested minimum donation for Music, Theatre, Dance and Film: $100/semester ($200 annual).
    • Suggested minimum donation for Art: $50/semester ($100 annual).
    • Donate $300 by October 1 and receive one Season Pass (good for most events except Java Gala).
    • Donate $500 by October 1 and receive two Season Passes (good for most events except Java Gala).
    • Donations above and beyond the suggested minimum for each department can be designated for the AVPA Foundation General Fund or for your department’s restricted fund.
    • Materials for uniforms, materials, festival fees, transportation, and other financial commitments may be necessary, but does not restrict participation (fundraising!)
  2. Parents and Guardians: Please volunteer! The AVPA Foundation coordinates many of the activities that support each department. Your help is essential and appreciated!
  3. Communicate with your Creative Director regarding required materials and commitments for acceptance into the department, as well as attendance and any membership issues.
  4. Use the AVPA Bulletin Board and for updates and communications.
  5. “Like” and “follow” us on Facebook and Twitter (cchsavpa and Culver City High School Academy of Visual & Performing Arts on Facebook; @cchsavpa on Twitter).
  6. Be sure to join our Spotlight Newsletter and Digital Postcard email list (will be added from the online Registration & Volunteer Form). If you aren’t on the list, email


Your acceptance into AVPA is based on completion of all the required forms, as well as your audition and interview with the Creative Director. Incomplete materials may result in being declined membership in the AVPA program.


For further questions, please contact the Creative Director:
Visual Art (Co-Executive Director): Kristine Hatanaka (
Music (Co-Executive Director): Tony Spano (
Theatre: Kirsten Opstad (
Dance: Carol Zee (
Film: Erik Paesel (
Mailing address for printed materials:
CCHS Academy of Visual and Performing Arts
Attention: Dr. Tony Spano, Co-Executive Director
4401 Elenda Street, Culver City, CA 90230


Welcome to AVPA!