AVPA Artists (Book)Making Sense

AVPA Artists (Book)Making Sense

By Isabella Haro

Art students from The Culver City High School Academy of Visual and Performing Arts are making handmade books in a 6-week intensive bookmaking workshop with artist, Rachel Curry. In the workshop, students participated in several Surrealist games and activities when making smaller, decorative books, as well as making a page for the final collaborative project that encompassed the entire class’s work, “Burnt Soup”. When asked about the project, Junior Sara Alamillo says, “..it’s pretty amazing to see everyone’s art all together into one beautiful piece, but in an even more strange and beautiful way than last year.” Her reference to last year being the zine project, again led by Curry, which also resulted in a collaborative book. This year’s, however, was not simply a flat mini-magazine: this year’s project called a flutter book is a large fold-out book that can display all of the pages at once in spectacular 3-D fashion.

A zine is a small, traditionally self-published and produced, magazine of any topic. They were originally conceptualized as outlets for sharing ideas and stories based on popular series in “geek” culture and were exclusively popularized by males. In the 80’s, however, they were adopted by the punk rock women’s community, and thus zines have since become a powerful aspect of the feminist and several minority movements. A zine is just one of hundreds of varieties of books that encompass the concept of the bookmaking arts, an art form that has been a part of human civilization since the invention of paper. With the emergence of technology that has rendered handmade books obsolete, the art of bookmaking is increasingly more rare and thus important to preserve, making workshops like these all the more informative and necessary to younger generations.

The students of the class are immensely excited to display their projects from the entirety of the eight-class workshop for their peers and friends, as every book made is intended for display. They are all excited to continue utilizing their bookmaking skills, and send great thanks to artist, Rachel Curry, for cultivating their new-found interest in book arts.


  1. Artist, Rachel Curry, demonstrating folding techniques for her students.

2) Junior, Sara Alamillo, explains her page for the class.

3) Vanessa and Isabella busy at work to create their zine.

4) (L-R) Isabella, Rachel, and Siena

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