AVPA Artists Chosen for LACMA Internship

AVPA Artists Chosen for LACMA Internship

By Camila Fernandez

Two AVPA Art Juniors, Peri Reynaldo and Camila Fernandez, from The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts were selected to participate in this year’s Los Angeles County Museum of Art High School Internship Program. LACMA’s HSIP is a rigorous and competitive program open to all high school students in Southern California.

We go to the LACMA every Friday joining 15 interns from other L.A. public schools from a variety of backgrounds and interests, but all with the same enthusiasm for the arts The internship program teaches us about different professions and our roles within the museum: conservation, observing and analyzing artwork and its history, as well as conducting tours through the galleries and interactive workshops for teens. During the first month at LACMA, we have been taught art history including the Renaissance and Contemporary art. We also had an exclusive opportunity to go underground and see LACMA’s curatorial departments for textiles, paintings, paper, sculpture, and ancient artifacts. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has an encyclopedic collection from ancient art to contemporary art including living artists. Their collection of artwork to preserve and exhibit is impeccable. I am very thankful for having been chosen to be a LACMA Intern because of the amazing opportunities available to us. Not many high schoolers have the exposure to a world-class museum, art history, and to work behind the scenes.

As a first year LACMA intern, Peri is excited about this opportunity, too. When asked about her opinion of the program as it begins this fall, Peri says, “My initial experiences as a LACMA intern have been fascinating and fun. We meet all kinds of people who work at LACMA. The interns all have something to offer as they have come from different schools with varying interests of why they applied for the internship. It’s been interesting for me to meet the people who work for LACMA. It broadens my view of the professions available as an artist. I am really enjoying being an intern. I can’t wait to see what more the internship has to offer.”

Camila and Peri pose in front of the egg shaped museum, NuMu, a replica of the smallest museum of contemporary art in Guatemala that traveled 3 thousand miles from Guatemala City to LACMA.


Camila and Peri inside Nuevo Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (NuMu) at LACMA.

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