AVPA Dance Offerings This Fall

On September 6, AVPA Dance kicked off the fall semester with 4 exciting and entertaining dance classes: Polynesian, Choreography, Hip-Hop, and Fundamentals of Dance.


In Polynesian class, AVPA Alumni Allie Miks teaches her students Polynesian dance vocabulary, along with the Polynesian words that compliment or describe the movement. At the beginning of almost ever class, Allie shows videos of kids, adults, and teenagers in Hula/Polynesian dance competitions, which helps with motivating and the class and teaching them proper technique and performance quality.  It is a tradition to wear sarongs (a Polynesian skirt) to class and when the kid’s enter and leave the class they have to say “Aloha” (Hello, or Goodbye) to their kumu hula (hula teacher).   Allie will be choreographing a Polynesian dance for the students to perform in the fall concert.  It will be very exciting to showcase this dance style for the first time.


In the Choreography class, Creative Director Julie Carson is teaching her student about the art of choreography through improvisation; including how to work as a whole unit, focusing on building relationship in the dance; and how to use space and time. Only 11th graders and 12th graders are allowed to take this class, with few exceptions. The kids are required to have a journal to write about their own dance improvement and critiques of fellow classmates’ dances.  Students’ learnings will help them with their choreographic work in the Fall and Spring concerts.


The Hip-hop class, taught by Kaylin Jones, a junior at CCHS, celebrates each dancers’ individual personality, and helps in boosting their confidence. Each class includes a combination for the dancers to work hard on, while eventually these combinations will come together to create a fun, spicy dance for the Fall Concert.


The Fundamentals of Dance class, taught by Becca Cousineau, teaches students the basics about ballet, jazz and other types of dances, encouraging the dancers to focus on important fundamental technical elements.

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