AVPA Dance Ups the Danger by Ten

On Wednesday, August 31, AVPA Dance (Danger Zone Dance Company) gathered in the Robert Frost Auditorium for one of the last days before the impending renovation of the Frost. This gathering was part audition for new members, and part kick-off of the new year in dance for previous company members. In the company of current Danger Zone members, the auditioning dancers learned three combinations to assess their skills and dance ability. Creative Director Julie Carson taught a musical-theater combination to a song from the movie Brother Bear 2. Next, a Hip-Hop combination was taught by Kaylin Jones, a student who is teaching a Hip-Hop class this semester. Finally, AVPA Dance Alumna Allie Miks taught a combination from the Polynesian dance class she is teaching this semester. After the auditions, AVPA Dance gained 10 new company members, who are all passionate about dance.

Please save the date for our fall concert, an exciting experiment in site-specific, interactive dance around the Culver City High School Campus, November 19th and 20th.

AVPA Dance is very excited about the 2016 – 2017 season which promises many opportunities, both to improve our technique as dancers and, to make great art this school year. For more information about AVPA Dance, our second-semester auditions, or our fall concert please contact Creative Director Julie Carson at juliecarson@avpafoun.dot5hosting.com.

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