AVPA’s Alison Chew Wins Bookmark Contest

By Isabella Haro

Alison Chew
This design by AVPA visual arts student Alison Chew won the 2017 Julian Dixon Library’s annual bookmark contest.

Alison Chew from The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts visual art department won the Culver City Julian Dixon Library’s Annual Bookmark Art Contest.  The sophomore was presented with gifts and congratulations on Nov. 7 from the Teen Services librarian Allison Park. Alison’s design won for its original intricate and dynamic designs, complimented by her vibrant color usage.

Regarding her win, Alison Chew said, “I feel honored! My inspiration for this bookmark mostly came from the illustrations I saw in books as a child, and I wanted to evoke the feeling of the images that I saw within those bbooks. The message is that reading books enables people to foster the growth of their imaginations, to open their minds to new and creative imagery”.

Her bookmark will be available for public enjoyment at the Julian Dixon Library throughout 2018, and will be moving on to the next stage of judging at the county-wide level through the Los Angeles Public Library.


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