The AVPA Foundation is administered by officers and a board of directors comprised of AVPA parents and the AVPA Executive Directors. Board members are elected at the annual membership meeting in June. 

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Please contact us at if you are interested in being considered for a board position.

 2014-2015 AVPA Foundation Officers and Directors


Board of Directors

Elaine Behnken President  
Tim Petersen Art Representative  
Kimberyl Ransom-Lundy & Sabrina Gonzalez Co-Dance Representatives  
Isabel Sanz Film Representative  
Gordon Gardner Music Representative  
Malena Dobal-Parra Theatre Representative  
Kristine Hatanaka AVPA Co-Executive Director
Dr. Tony Spano AVPA Co-Executive Director



Jane Steinberg
Executive Vice President
Karen Hilsberg Secretary  
Julie Bechtloff CFO  
Brenna Guthrie

Asst. CFO

 Jim Harris  Member-at-Large  

Past Officers and Boards of Directors:

2010-2011 Directors
2009-2010 Directors
2008-2009 Directors
2007-2008 Directors
2006-2007 Directors
2005-2006 Directors

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