The AVPA Foundation is administered by officers and a board of directors comprised of AVPA parents and the AVPA Executive Directors. Board members are elected at the annual membership meeting in June.

Please contact us at if you are interested in being considered for a board position.

 2017-2018 AVPA Foundation Officers and Directors

Board of Directors    
Alisha Martin President
Jill Netzel Art Representative
Elizabeth Koombs Dance Representative
Holly Gable Film Representative
Michelle Adams and Miguel Villanueva Co-Music Representatives
Shelley Wenk Theatre Representative
Kristine Hatanaka AVPA Co-Executive Director
Dr. Tony Spano AVPA Co-Executive Director


Holly Gable
Vice President
Lucy Vlahakis Secretary
Julie Bechtloff Chief Financial Officer
Kim Page Asst. Chief Financial Officer
Brenna Guthrie Member-at-Large
Nancy Harding
TBD Dance
Carey Zeiser Film
Stephanny Freeman Music
Beatrice Henson-O’Neal Theatre
Sara Kocher Box Office Committee Chair
Eran Marcus Webmaster
Dr. T.R. Porter  Executive Consultant

Past Officers and Boards of Directors:

2010-2011 Directors
2009-2010 Directors
2008-2009 Directors
2007-2008 Directors
2006-2007 Directors
2005-2006 Directors

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