AVPA Exhibit Artwork at The Kirk Douglas Theatre

AVPA Exhibit Artwork at The Kirk Douglas Theatre


By special invitation, 20 AVPA Artists celebrated the culmination of their 10-week Front and Center artist-in-residency program with Janne Larsen in association with Center Theatre Group during a field trip to see the highly acclaimed production, Elliot, A Soldier’s Fugue by Quiara Algeria Hudes at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City.

AVPA Artists are exhibiting their artwork created during the CTG residency at The Kirk Douglas Theatre for the entire run of the play. The strikingly beautiful and fragile paper sculptures are installed throughout the KDT lobby and highly visible to all who attend. Inspired by the script, Question 27, Question 28 by Chay Yew, each artwork installed is an expression of the themes of rebirth and renewal, inspired by the atrocities of Japanese internment in the United States during World War II. The completed art pieces on view were made from repurposed “offensive papers”, including old sketchbooks, report cards and tests, in addition to papers depicting past grievances that were then reborn into art of reflection, beauty, and poignancy.

The play, Elliot, A Soldier’s Fugue, focused on three generations of American marines, all Puerto Rican in ethnic origin serving in the United States military. All three of the generations–a grandfather, father and mother, and Elliot had lived through similar events such as injuries and a first kill, and all had emerged differently from the experience. AVPA art students found the play emotionally provocative, as well a very humorous, in how each of their stories were layered. All of the AVPA Art students were astonished by the installation of their own artwork, as well as the play that accompanied their visit. This program was made possible by the Front and Center Theatre Collaborative. We would like to give our heartfelt thank you to The Kirk Douglas Theater and Center Theatre Group for making it all possible. A special thank you to Graphaids for creating the frames for each artwork.

  1. AVPA Artists Exhibit Artwork at The Kirk Douglas Theatre

2) Ana Belcher and Peri Reynaldo

3) Lynn Kataoka and Go Decker

4) Ashley Jara and Alyssa Uyeda

5) Lismary Escamilla and Alyssa Flores

6) Isabella Haro-Uchimura and Amalia Camey

7) Elisa Ribordy and Maya Glorioso (not pictured)

8) Grace Jacobsen and Xiomara Gutierrez

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