Exhibition for AVPA Artists at The Culver City Art Walk


In their first major art exhibition during the 100th Year Anniversary of  Culver City,  AVPA Artists enjoyed the hugely successful exhibition, “Room 1” at the recent Culver City Art Walk at a pop-up gallery in Downtown Culver City.  Art Students from the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts worked tirelessly but excitedly in preparation for the CC Art Walk, and freshman Alyssa Flores recounts, “It was a really great experience getting to see everyone’s hard work showcased so beautifully”.


Longtime Fresh Paint gallery owner, Josetta Sbeglia and Gallery Director, Paul Dahman, recognized and awarded eight AVPA Artists for their unique vision and provocative qualities as an artist:  Sara Alamillo, Esmeralda Benavidez, Isabella Bustanoby, Stanley Funnel, Isaiah Levels, Siena Nellis, Peri Reynaldo, and Emily Shin.


AVPA Art Students had a blast being able to talk to and interact with friends, family, teachers, and their Culver City community as hundreds of guests came in and out of the space to appreciate and admire the artwork. The Art Walk involved nearly 350 individual pieces of art, nine panels each exceeding 8 feet in height, one large 6′ x 6′ drawing, over 50 handmade books, and this was only a portion of what was shown that afternoon.  Although the majority of the pieces were mounted or matted in advance, the show included live artwork where students made chalk murals and painted canvases inspired by the work they have previously created in their 2-Dimensional art class at school.  Maija Beeton, from The L.A. Guest Artist Series, was the featured artist who has been working with AVPA Artists in a project called, CITIZEN ARTIST|CITIZEN SCIENTIST.


In the middle of the space, AVPA Dancers choreographed and performed modern dance inspired by ten selected art pieces. Senior AVPA dancer Kari Kishi reflects on how she “had a great experience participating as a dancer in the Culver City Art Walk. The improv pieces were either done in silence or to music, inspired or as an improv exercise, and in various group sizes, all factors of which were unknown to the dancers until performance time. It was an amazing opportunity that most of the dancers have never experienced before. We are so thankful to the City of Culver City and AVPA Art who allowed us to participate in such a beautiful event”.


The talent and personality of each student shone through their art and was admired by every person who stepped in the gallery. The students were touched as guests responded in awe to the fact that every piece of art had been created by students from the AVPA program with several art pieces flagged for guests having an interest in purchasing. The Culver City Art Walk was such a wonderful experience that the art students knew they had to truly live in and appreciate the moment because when opportunities like that are so fun and memorable, they’re over in the blink of an eye.


DSC04981 (1).JPG

  1. “Room 1” at The Culver City Art Walk


2)  Book Making at The Art Walk

DSC04985 (1).JPG

3)  Sudevi and Lola Prepare for The Art Walk

DSC04979 (1).JPG

DSC05034 (1).JPG

DSC04968 (1).JPG

4)  Harper in front of her wall of artwork.

DSC05047 (1).jpg

5)  Isaiah showing his drawing of an original map

DSC05036 (1).JPG

6)  Stanley’s Award Winning Artwork

DSC05044 (1).JPG

7)  Emily Shows Us Her Talent

DSC05039 (1).JPG

8)  Peri’s Artwork

DSC05050 (1).jpg

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