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AVPA Art and Music Collaboration for The Big Show


bigshowre-dopic3On Thursday, December 18th, The Culver City Academy of Visual and Performing Arts is doing something big. A project so big, that it is essential for the planning to begin now. This December, AVPA is putting on a show that exhibits the intensive work of all five departments: art, dance, film, music, and theatre. Fittingly so, we’re calling it “The Big Show”. For this grand exposition, each department is taking every possible space of the Robert Frost Auditorium and utilizing it in a way that displays the skills and hard work of each discipline.

While dance works on choreography and film creates projections into the space, art and music are collaborating for the first time to make art installations. Since October, art and music students were paired up to transform selected spaces using visual art and sound. The spaces range from the orchestra pit, to the oddly structured back closets of Robert Frost Auditorium, and the ideas for the projects range even further.  AVPA Art students have been collecting materials such as recycled bottles and cans, colored lights, and even liquid soap to create their pieces. “This is a great opportunity for AVPA artists. We are allowed to expand our ideas beyond traditional art forms such as painting and drawing and use materials we wouldn’t necessarily be able to use.” Senior AVPA art student, Camille Clair, notes while holding a box of gelatin cups and an electric fan.

Constructing the installations are a collaborative process that involves participation from both departments. AVPA Music students have been instrumental in creating the ideas and helping out with the art making by painting and sewing. AVPA Art students have given their input on the music recording, making for impressive results. Michelle Akamine, a junior AVPA art student agrees, “Working with a musician gives us further artistic insight and enhances our installations to another level. Creating artwork alongside a musician who is working to create the sound in collaboration with us is a new concept for me. I cannot wait to see the results of what we make together.”

Senior AVPA Art student, Kira Kishi reflects, “Installation art is something I’ve had an interest since the eighth grade but never really had the space or resources to create one. I’m so excited to finally create one before I graduate from high school. Overall, the process of creating an installation is both creative and rewarding as it pushes the limits of what students normally use to make art.”bigshowre-dopic1bigshowre-dopic2

Top:  9thGrade AVPA Artists, Leika Ikuma, Katherine Torfeh, and Isabella Bustonaby hard at work for “The Big Show”

Middle:  AVPA Music Students, James Tingle and Oliver Berliner helping AVPA Artists, Addy Marble and Ariana Pacino

Bottom:  AVPA Music Student, Reno Behnken working alongside AVPA Art Students: Talia Walderman, Arely Hernandez, and Harper Barth

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