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Since 1998, the Music Department has been active in a variety of ways. From supporting the traditional program during the regular school day to creative opportunities with the Academy after school, students receive many benefits while involved in the program.

Like many school music programs, the Culver City High School music department offers classes in: Music Appreciation, Concert Choir, and Band (Marching and Concert). These classes meet during the regular school day and are taught by the AVPA Music Director, Dr. Tony Spano. Both Choir and Band perform regularly throughout the year. The Marching Band performs at all CCHS football games. Both groups perform at least 2 concerts per year, with additional performances at festivals, fundraising events, and school activities.

After school, the Academy’s music classes include Chamber Singers, Music Theory, Composition, Film Scoring, Sound Recording, String Ensemble, Drumline and Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble and Combo, Sax Ensemble, and Flute Ensemble. Students can receive individual instruction and ensemble experience through these classes. The Pink Elephant Music Company gives music students a broad range of opportunities to learn, as well as preparing for a variety of productions. Collaborations with Theatre, Art, Film, and Dance are also part of the program’s offerings.

With a knowledgeable staff of trained musicians, the music program is constantly expanding. These classes help prepare students for various productions throughout the year, as well as helping to improve their individual skills.

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