Sony Marketing Workshop

Sony Marketing Workshop

On Wednesday, January 27th after school, students took part in a workshop about marketing. A team of executives from the marketing department came to talk to us and breakdown their jobs at Sony Pictures Studios.

To market a film, one must know the core themes and target audience of your film. The creative marketing team is in charge of trailers, TV spots or commercials and advertisements to be shown on TV, including print materials. It is helpful here to have a catchy logline that goes with the tone of the film to intrigue the audience. The digital team looks at the target audience and film description to decipher what websites and social networks should be used to best showcase the film. Media/TV would figure out which TV programs and upcoming movies around which to wrap the trailer. Finally, publicity would take the filmmakers and actors to promote the film, highlighting key elements of the filmmaking process and story when being interviewed.

The marketing team used the film Goosebumps as a case study: The film was released in October 2015 and topped the box office at $80,000,000, (which is more than was spent to produce the movie). The target audiences for Goosebumps were preteens and Hispanic families because some statistics show that Hispanics, more than others, see movies together as a family. Another specific marketing ploy was an activity where the famous Goosebumps character Slappy the Dummy took over Twitter and tweeted to fans who watched trailers and interacted with the Twitter campaign.

Additonally, the team taught us vital information about film festivals and indie focused film resources which give films a platform and focus on a specified audience. Next, we broke off into our crews: “Sticky Situation,” “Living Authentic,” “Broken Homes,” and “The Other Side.” We mapped out how we would market our films to the public. For example, Sticky Situation’s crew figured that Blackish would be a great show on which to advertise “Sticky Situation” because the messages Blackish talks about and its audience is in line with the themes of our film. After we shared our own ideas for our films’ campaigns to the class, we received some great swag: colored Pixels sunglasses and Goosebumps baseball tee shirt merchandise to look cool wearing together as filmies.

The workshop was extremely helpful to clarify what marketing is exactly and what the various jobs in this department entail. It was very generous of the executives at Sony Pictures in conjunction with the Young Storytellers Foundation to take some time to enlighten us students about their careers and help us develop our own ideas. Workshops like these allow us to continue to absorb knowledge about the thousands of jobs in this industry. It’s very exciting in post-production to gain an audience and momentum beforethe films are complete. We are at this moment barreling down the editing and post-production timeline and, soon enough, our marketing campaigns will be in full effect in preparation for our big screening at Sony Studios on March 24th.

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