TBWA/CHIAT/DAY Teach Advertising to AVPA Artists

26 art students from the Culver City Academy of Visual and Performing Arts are currently participating in an advertising program sponsored by the world renowned advertising agency, TBWA/CHIAT/DAY. Senior Art Director, Rance Randle, is a CCHS alumnus and currently works with the agency, and it’s been a privilege to have him back at CCHS to work alongside our students. Each week, teams of students discuss their ideas for an ad campaign for the brands: Spotify, Vans, Sriracha, Band Aid, and Nerds, and present their process to working professionals from CHIAT/DAY.  The program completely immerses students into the world of advertising. As AVPA Art student Harper Barth explains, “I’m really excited to be working with an ad agency as incredible as CHIAT/DAY and to be connecting with new people every meeting who are exposing me to advertising. It’s not a profession that is often talked about to high school students and having met all of these incredible people has made me want to pursue it as a career.”


Advertising is a facet of media that is, as the students have realized, very complex. As sophomore Vanessa Harding discovered, “This experience has not only opened my eyes to different and intriguing career paths in the art, but also allowed me to view advertisements in a more analytical manner which allows me to be a smart consumer.” Beyond the art of ads there is writing, brainstorming, and psychology that goes into a well developed advertisment. Experiencing all of these aspects has given students a holistic and fascinating approach to not only ads, but their own creative processes. It’s an experience unique to working directly with the professionals themselves. Senior Addy Marble explains that, “[CHIAT/DAY] gave us new insight into a profession whose work has shaped the economy and concept of a consumer”.


Students will present their polished advertisement campaigns at CHIAT/DAY in Los Angeles this November. Senior Emily Shin states, “I’m so lucky to be a part of the CHIAT\DAY program!  It’s so fun and inspiring to meet and work with so many people from the company.  I’m enjoying making the advertisement for Sriracha, and I think the concept and execution of this program is very engaging and unique.  I’m looking forward to our presentation at CHIAT\DAY and can’t wait to see how the advertisements turn out!”.  AVPA Art would like to thank Rance Randle, for approaching us with this incredible opportunity, and everyone at TBWA/CHIAT/DAY who has made this program possible.



1)  AVPA Artists, Lola and Esmeralda, working out their ideas with Rance.














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